Family 1014Ramondetta girls

  • Full Name – Michael Benjamin Ramondetta
  • Nationality: Half Italian & half everything else (Really? An Italian Baptist?)
  • Grew up in Meriden CT, Caribou Maine, Greenville S.C…o.k I moved around a lot
  • I love to eat…especially pasta of any kind…really anything besides liver
  • Surrendered to preach & full-time ministry at 21
  • Married at 29
  • Have an awesome wife of 13 years
  • We have 4 beautiful daughters: Michaela, Sophia and our twins Ella and Kate
  • Been in full-time ministry since 2005
  • The more I serve as pastor the more I realize how much help I need from others!
  • I love Jesus, my family and serving Him!

One thought on “About

  1. You put a little houmor in the stats.

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