Weekend Wrap!

God blessed us with a good weekend at Emmanuel!  We had Easter outreach with the teens on Saturday.  The teens really enjoyed themselves as they passed out Easter invites in a sub-division near the church.  Bro Eddie Stevenson and I were able to share the Gospel of Christ with some families as well!  It was a good day.

We had a good Sunday also.  I encouraged our folks to pray and pass out the new Easter invites to their friends, family, neighbors–really anyone they bump into!  Unfortunately our sound system crashed.  Thank goodness I have leather lungs–no need for a mic.  One of our teen girls willingly played the piano for us and the service went well.  God is already working and providing help to fix our sound system!  God blessed the message on Sunday too.  Several people came and prayed at the alter during the invitation. PTL!


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