Weekend Wrap!

Well well well! God blessed us with a great Easter weekend!  Here are some exciting things that happened on Easter at Emmanuel Baptist Church:

  • Got all the Easter prep done–o.k most of it!
  • Had a yummy Easter breakfast in the Young Adult Bible Class!
  • Enjoyed a full worship service–182 in attendance!  Praise the Lord!
  • Many guests came thanks to our members inviting folks!  Way to go!!
  • Some of the guests were a result of our Saturday outreach efforts!  Awesome!
  • The Praise team is back–and they added life and excitement to the service–great job–keep it up!
  • The children had a great time on the Easter egg hunt!  Thanks to all the workers and leaders!

That was just the morning serviced! During the evening service God worked and blessed too:

  • Sang “Jesus is alive and well!”  Fun!  Praise the Lord He’s alive!
  • We were blessed and challenged by the sermon preached by our church planting missionary Dr. Shoemaker!  Very encouraging thanks!
  • Had communion!
  • Then baptized 4 people to include my 2 daughters!  Awesome privilege–I’m proud of each one of you!

God we thank you and give you the glory for giving us a great Easter and we pray for your continued hand of blessing and guidance as we lift up Jesus in all we do!

What was your favorite part of the Easter weekend?  Leave a comment!


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