What’s Happening?

What an awesome week God gave us here at Emmanuel!  Here are just some of the things that have been going on:

  • Pastor and family were out of town!
  • Preacher Bill Mosley filled in for Wednesday night worship and did a great job—thanks!
  • Adult Sunday school class was full!  Enjoyed the refreshments as always—yum!
  • We had a great day of worship on Sunday!
  • Praise team did great adding life to the service!
  • The morning message worked in hearts and lives! One man said, “I needed that message—have a lot of stuff going on in my life.”
  • Heard a great testimony about how a man in our church led a lady to Jesus!  Awesome! Way to go!
  • We had a great evening service as we honored our 2011 graduates!
  • Congrats to Erica Kinghorn, Devin Alford, and Darren Gray!  I am very proud of you!
  • I preached a message directed to them called, “Making the Most of Your Life!”
  • We then had a wonderful fellowship with lots of great food…and fellowship!
  • The decorations were fitting, the food was outstanding, and conversations were connecting!
  • I enjoyed it very much as I know others did as well!
  • After the food we went out and played some church volleyball—very fun!
  • We have some great volleyball players in our church!

A little plug for volleyball!  The summer church volleyball season begins this Friday! We have about 3 teams from our church that will be playing!  Last year we did awesome! Our teams played well, demonstrated a great Christian testimony, and some almost won the championship! Let’s get out there and play well, be safe, and represent Jesus and our church well by having a great testimony, and being faithful to come and worship during our church services! If you don’t play come out and support your church and root us on!

How did God work in your life this past week at Emmanuel? Start the conversation by leaving your comment!


2 thoughts on “What’s Happening?

  1. Emily R. says:

    Sunday was a great day!! Glad to be a small part of what is happening at Emmanuel.

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