Mercy Me!

Do you find yourself in constant need of a pick-me-up?  Now I’m not talking about a cup of coffee for some quick energy although I gotta have my keurig coffee in the morning!  This pick-me-up is of a spiritual nature.  It is sustaining and supernatural!  Here’s the honest truth: just because you are a child of God, a follower and disciple of Christ doesn’t mean that life will get easier for you.  Most times it gets harder and more difficult.  You say, “Wait a minute, I didn’t sign up for that!”  Life is hard in general.  But now throw in the fact that you have real adversary—the devil.  Once we are in Christ, been born again into the family of God by faith we are His child forever!  The devil cannot touch our souls!  But as a believer one of the things the devil tries to do is discourage us and bring us low.  I got some bad news for him and good news for you!  God will provide all you need to defeat the devil and live for Him each day!  I came across these encouraging verses this week during my quiet time that really can help us keep our focus on God and stay strong in Him as we live life.   

Psalm 33:18-22, “18 Behold, the eye of the LORD is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy; 19 To deliver their soul from death, and to keep them alive in famine. 20 Our soul waiteth for the LORD: he is our help and our shield. 21 For our heart shall rejoice in him, because we have trusted in his holy name. 22 Let thy mercy, O LORD, be upon us, according as we hope in thee.”

 Wow!  As a child of God as we fear Him, that is reverence and respect Him and follow his ways according to the Bible; as we trust Him each day God’s favor falls into our lives.  His eyes are on us–He’s looking out for us!  He is with us and will sustain us “keeping us alive” and well strong in His strength.  As we learn to rest in Him and draw from His presence and power we receive help, safety, strength, and hope, basically everything we need to live life each day!  That’s mercy–God providing for us what we cannot provide for ourselves.  So keep believing, keep hoping, keep trusting and God’s mercy will keep coming!

Have you experienced the mercy of God recently?  What did you appreciate about it most?  Leave a comment.  I would love to hear from you!


One thought on “Mercy Me!

  1. Sheryl says:

    Perfect. Thank you. Your blog today was exactly spot on. A Spiritual pick-me-up is just what I needed. “Psalms. Does a body good!”

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