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Out of Sight, but in the Mind!

It’s been said “Out of sight, out of mind!”  How true that is with so many things and even relationships we have.  We had a great Missions Conference last year.  We had a missions emphasis, and had supporting missionaries visit with us, and even connected with some of them via Skype. Awesome—right?  Sure, but what about last week and today?  Are we not just being faithful to give our missions offerings, but also praying for our missionaries as well?

Praying for our missionaries is one of the ways we can grow together outward!  Our desire is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with new families, see them receive Jesus as Savior, follow Him, and join themselves to our church family!  Our missionaries have the same goals in mind so let’s keep them in prayer.

Take a few minutes and click on this link and give it  a read.  It gives some good pointers of how to really pray for our missionaries, keeping them in our minds and hearts even though they may be out of sight!

What has helped you to keep our supporting missionaries in your hearts and minds?

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Mission’s Sunday Rewind!

God gave us a great first Missions Sunday!  Here’s a quick list of ways God blessed:

– God blessed us with a good spirit! There was excitement in the air!

– God blessed us with a good number!  We had over 100 in attendace—105 with the Baptist curve

– God blessed us with good music!  Thank you to all who blessed our hearts in song!

– God blessed us with good missionary updates!

It was great to have missionaries George Lewis (Brazil), the Greens (Taiwan), and the Huff’s (Togo Africa) with us and hear about their ministries!  We had a great time with them!

– God blessed us with good messages from Dr. Ed Gibson!

Our theme is grace for grace.  God truly used Bro Ed to paint the picture of the grace we received from Jesus Christ!  If we have received Jesus Christ as our Savior than we have received the grace of God.  Grace would be His unmerited favor and blessings like forgiveness of sins, eternal life in heaven, and His daily presence and power to live each day!  His grace is enough for salvation and for each and every day and trial we will ever face!

He also challenged us to respond to this grace we have received by making a public commitment to Christ, showing our gratitude for what He has done for us, surrendering our lives to Him to use for His glory, and giving faith promise Mission’s offerings.

God has given us the great opportunity to show our care and love for Jesus, His Gospel, and our missionaries by deciding to participate in faith promise missions!  I pray that you would join me in giving offerings to faith promise either each week, bi-weekly, or monthly so our missionaries can accomplish their work in their field!  Be sure to fill out your commitment card and turn it in during one of the services this Sunday.

God truly blessed our first Mission’s Sunday with Dr. Ed Gibson!  Praise the Lord!  God even blessed our Sunday giving!  Let’ spray for God to really bless and work next week too.  We will have our very own missionary Ralph Done with us from Manna worldwide!  He will be speaking in our joint Sunday school class at 10:00 am, and in the Sunday am and pm worship services!  Don’t miss out on what God wants to do in and through you, me, and our entire church family!

PS:  Thank you Bread Breakers for putting on a delicious dinner for our missionaries and church   family. It was a great time to connect with our missionaries and enjoy some great food!

Did God bless your heart this Sunday at EBC?  Start the conversation by leaving your comment!

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