Out of Sight, but in the Mind!

It’s been said “Out of sight, out of mind!”  How true that is with so many things and even relationships we have.  We had a great Missions Conference last year.  We had a missions emphasis, and had supporting missionaries visit with us, and even connected with some of them via Skype. Awesome—right?  Sure, but what about last week and today?  Are we not just being faithful to give our missions offerings, but also praying for our missionaries as well?

Praying for our missionaries is one of the ways we can grow together outward!  Our desire is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with new families, see them receive Jesus as Savior, follow Him, and join themselves to our church family!  Our missionaries have the same goals in mind so let’s keep them in prayer.

Take a few minutes and click on this link and give it  a read.  It gives some good pointers of how to really pray for our missionaries, keeping them in our minds and hearts even though they may be out of sight!

What has helped you to keep our supporting missionaries in your hearts and minds?

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2 thoughts on “Out of Sight, but in the Mind!

  1. Edward says:

    I know three missionaries and I forget to pray for them often. I hope this helps me to not only remember to pray for them, but a better way to pray for them.
    They are Vicki Blair who serves in Kyrghyzstan (She’s currently in the states for a short time. Her dad was my pastor shortly after I got saved in 1977.), and Les and Saralee Tilka in Cebu City, Phillippines.

    • mike says:

      Thanks for your comments Edward! I think they speak to most of us if not all. I will join you in prayer for the missionaries you mentioned!

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